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Meet Dr. Scott Allan Cohen

As a pedagogue, Dr. Cohen teaches a wide range of students from beginners to serious competition performers. His music school has branches in two locations throughout Central Florida, including a studio penthouse by Walt Disney World. Dr. Cohen also teaches in South Florida in Boca Raton, Downtown Miami and Palm Beach. He recently completed his Doctor of Musical Arts Degree at The University of Kansas with a Full Scholarship and Assistantship under Dr. Steven Spooner and Dr. Yi-Yang Chen.

What Clients & Colleagues Have to Say

  • Dr. Cohen is one of the greatest music teachers I’ve ever had. When I first met him, I had many doubts as to whether I would be able to succeed in playing the piano. Although I felt that, with enough practice, I could play all of the notes in the music, there was always something missing: spirit. All of the fine details, from dynamics to ornamentation, contribute to the spirit of the music and its vitality. A musician, professional or not, is someone who can bring out the “spirit” in the music. Dr. Cohen didn’t just teach me how to be a music player; he turned me into a musician. He pushed me to stretch my knowledge and skill beyond what I thought was possible. His efforts have greatly helped me in high school, and undoubtedly, it will continue to be helpful in college and beyond.

    Eric Lin

    Yale University '27
  • Scott Cohen is a piano wizard who blows me away with his virtuosic piano mastery. His performance of the 12 Transcendental Etudes by Franz Liszt demonstrates a commitment to stellar performance rarely seen in these times.

    Mark Batson

    Executive American Producer, Musician, Songwriter (Eminem, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, Sting, James Blunt, Dave Matthews Band, Seal)
  • It is my great pleasure to fully recommend my former student, Scott Cohen. Scott is a virtuoso pianist par excellence who has technique to burn! During our studies, he brilliantly executed the complete Transcendental Etudes of Liszt among many other difficult pieces. However, he is also capable of refined musicianship in the works of Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert. Now, he has turned his considerable gifts toward the art of teaching and his students are very lucky to receive from him a fount of knowledge and accomplishment.

    Dr. Steven Spooner

    The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University
  • It has been a pleasure to have known pianist Scott Cohen for many years, his having studied with me during his four high school years as well as his four undergraduate years at Stetson University. I have observed his remarkable maturity and growth as a musician and marveled at his pianistic and musical accomplishments. Scott demonstrates a striking level of concentration and communication in his performance. His style is resourceful, compelling, and individualistic, imbued with large musical gestures, creating a large palette of sound and colors. His playing excites, even transports: he is capable of flawless, bravura passagework as well as creating sensitive, evocative atmospheres. Now Scott is so admirably sharing his gifts with students, and clearly successfully due to the honors which they are amassing. Scott Cohen continues to carry the torch!

    Dr. Michael Rickman

    Professor Emeritus, Stetson University
  • His performances are emotional, with extremely high level of technique. His knowledgeable and captivating playing commands attention both as a performer and pedagogue.

    Professor Faina Lushtak

    Tulane University, Downman/ Eminent Scholars Trust Fund Chair
  • Scott Cohen is a brilliant pianist! I have enjoyed hearing him play the complete transcendental études of Franz Liszt in concert and was astounded by his stamina, technique, and musicality. Not only is he a virtuoso pianist but he is a wonderful teacher to aspiring students of all ages and has built a large and impressive network of teaching centers in Florida. He is an inspiring artist/teacher in the very best sense.

    Dr. Mei Li

    CEO, Chicago International Piano Competition and Festival
  • I knew nothing about piano when I started. I couldn’t tell a scale from a chord. Within 2 months I was playing Bach and memorizing scales. Scott Cohen is every pianist’s dream instructor: masterful at his craft, but also fully understanding of his students. Mr. Cohen gives his students the tools for success while constantly challenging them to push beyond their comfort zones. Mr. Cohen often believed in me more than I believed in myself, and where other teachers may have ruthlessly critiqued, he sought to recognize both my strengths and weaknesses to help me find my musical niche. If I had to go back and do it all over again, I absolutely would. A hundred times over.

    Christian Pasciak, J.D.

    University of Miami School of Law
  • Ever since I was a kid I loved the piano and its sound, and of course I have always dreamed of learning how to play it. When the COVID19 pandemic started and all of a sudden I had plenty of free time I decided to go ahead and invest in something for myself, I started by buying a piano and taking classes with a professor that lives in the same neighborhood. After 3 weeks I found Mr. Cohen’s website through a Facebook ad and decided to book a free intro class. Scott was the kindest from day one, when he arrived at my house for our intro class he started playing my piano as I prepared some coffee to serve us and I was absolutely amazed at how good of a pianist he is, he wasn’t my first professor, but at that moment I realized he was the professor I needed, so I started taking lessons from him and that was honestly the best investment I could have done for myself. I never believed that at my age I could actually achieve something, but Scott proved me I was wrong and keeps doing it in every lesson we have by teaching me not only proper technique, but also by encouraging me. Scott believed in me before I even believed in myself and it is a honor and privilege to be one of his students.

    Rafael F. Hern

  • Scott Cohen is an amazing pianist and great performer. I really enjoy his concerts and he is also a very talented and pedagogical teacher supporting his students to reach their goals.

    Per Sjödell

    Chairman & Board Professional, Organizer TedXMarrakesh, Industrial Advisor (fashion, retail, digitalization) Red City PR, Former CEO Pocketshop, Former Global Marketing Director H&M Swedish Multinational clothing company
  • Scott is very passionate and dedicated about his work as he creates such masterpieces to the ear bringing so much emotion. His music communicates through the soul making me feel like I’m on cloud nine every single time he plays.


    Gaming YouTube Star, The Famous Films/Men’s Fashion
  • I have had the honor of listening to Scott Cohen play for nearly fifteen years. In that time, his passion and commitment have only deepened. His playing is transcendent; his skill as a teacher is unparalleled. Scott plays music that, as Dante said so long ago, “moves the planets and the other stars.”

    Ralph H. Craig III

    Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
  • Scott Cohen is the serious pianist’s teacher. He is meticulous, with an eye for detail that gives importance to every element of the piece. He strives to build a solid foundation of proper technique. For him music is not just a group of notes to form a melody, but something to express emotion. Every little nuance has a purpose. He is a real virtuoso, but remains grounded and humble. Because of his talent, personality, and patience, he is able to get the student to express their musicality effectively. Any aspiring artist would be lucky to find a teacher like him.

    Dr. Kenneth Lim

    Orlando Health Physician Associates
  • Scott Cohen is not only a stellar pianist, but a magnificent teacher. He understands his student’s needs like few others, and knows how to motivate them to bring out their best. His pristine technique, passion for music, and devotion to educating make him a true artist in every sense of the word.

    Miguel Moore

    Aerospace Engineering Student
  • Scott is an incredible pedagogue, brilliant interpreter, and world-class pianist whom I have had the privilege of studying with for a few months. In just two lessons, a few adjustments we made to my playing resulted in a first-prize international competition win. Scott’s attention to detail and artistic encouragement are complemented by the fact that Scott learns the repertory of ALL of his students prior to each lesson (so he can most effectively help them). He doesn’t want to be one of those music teachers that can’t play a C Major Scale (and there are plenty of them out there; fortunately, none I have ever worked with).

    I highly recommend Scott as a teacher. Whether you are beginner (needing assistance with technical adjustments) or advanced (seeking refinement in artistic interpretations) – the lessons he offer are a PREMIUM value for an affordable rate!

    Bruce Leto Jr.

    Rostered Artist, Navona Records (Partner of NAXOS)
  • I first heard Scott when he performed Ravel’s Ondine at Orfeo Music Festival. I was instantly transported to another world, as Scott’s playing evoked such beautiful imagery, and captured the tale of the water nymph and her lake kingdom, from which the piece is based off of, so convincingly. He plays with such clarity and fluidity, and not only displays impressive technique, but nuanced musicality and an understanding of the emotional depth of the piece. He puts his whole mind and body into his performances, leaving his audience truly engrossed.

    Dr. Gem Batuman

  • A remarkably gifted teacher and classical pianist. He has an impressively broad repertoire that flows into his ability to adapt to teaching a high school student like our son or an advanced college student like our daughter. His passion for piano inspires his students and his meticulous approach prepares them well for competition. His academic and competitive achievements are remarkable, and we expect they are only the beginning.

    Kay and Dr. Alan Forbes

    Valued Client
  • Dynamic pianist whose performances will leave his audiences breathlessly inspired. His attention to musical nuance and technical command of the piano, coupled with his confident showmanship provide an immensely satisfying musical experience.

    Nicole Lemoine

    Independent teacher and Chair of Membership VCMTA
  • Mr. Cohen’s musicality is at the top of his field. We have worked together on several occasions and throughout that time he has shown only the highest integrity and a quality and love for music that few could match. I would highly recommend.

    Courtney Renfroe

    Professional Cellist, Hong Kong
  • Mr. Cohen is so dedicated to the art and love of piano. His passion for classical pieces shows in each of his performances, and his true understanding of the technical aspects is highlighted in each of his lessons. The way instructs each student seems so natural and flowing.

    Shawn Lovely

  • Scott Cohen is truly a fine pianist and professor. It was a pleasure to witness him perform at the Orfeo Music Festival in Vipiteno, Italy. His technical abilities combined with his musical sensibility make him an artist of high caliber. His musical insights are helpful to pianists of all abilities.

    Jackie Byl

    Professional Violinist
  • Very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Patient and kind in his teaching methods, knows exactly what he is doing! 10 out of 10 recommend!

    Stephanie Barrios

  • Scott Cohen truly took me above and beyond what I thought I would be able to do. His musical intuition, range of ability, and teaching style painted a vivid picture of what it should mean every time I practice or perform a piece. Based on other piano teachers I’ve had in the past, Scott Cohen’s instruction and suggested pieces felt extremely personalized to what I wanted and what will force me to the next level of ability.

    Evan Bonner

    Medical and Piano Student

Private Piano Lessons

Whether you prefer a lesson in the comfort of your own home or at a professional studio, Dr. Cohen can accommodate! He has a Yamaha Clavinova portable keyboard for students who do not own or have access to a piano.

Studio Lesson

Meet Dr. Cohen at one of his studio locations in DeBary, Daytona Beach Shores, or Orlando Studio Penthouse by Walt Disney World

In-home Lesson

Dr. Cohen drives to your home for the lesson in Central or South Florida. Quoted price factors in time and distance traveled.

Virtual Lesson

Live video instruction with Dr. Cohen via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

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